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Conversion Paths

We implement inbound marketing by guiding visitors through conversion paths in a personal way. The aim is to convert every relevant visitor into a lead with a gentle nudge using conversion paths to increase the rate of lead conversion.

Convert visitors into qualitative leads

What is conversion?

A conversion happens when the target audience shows an active commercial interest. This could be visiting a website for the first time, reading a blog or signing up for the newsletter. These little conversions help us determine in which customer journey stage a visitor finds themselves. Generated insights help us determine what actions to take to stimulate further conversion.

Implementation of conversion paths

By implementing personalized and relevant conversion paths, we stimulate visitors to make decisions that we find commercially interesting. When talking about conversion paths, we focus on creating leads from relevant visitors. How? By offering “gated content” such as whitepapers, we encourage visitors to leave behind contact details and other valuable information in exchange for enriched content.

Conversion paths attract your audience by sharing valuable information via a blog or social media, then trigger them to give their details in exchange for the gated content. The personal details they leave behind combined with an opt-in for marketing efforts gives you an insight into the interests of this new warm lead. This contributes towards the creation of an automated workflow that further nurtures the lead and prepares them for a sale.

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