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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the implementation of an automated system that guides potential clients through a customer journey that connects them to you. We implement marketing automation as a key element of inbound marketing, the marketing principle that feeds your ideal customers with personalized and relevant content with the goal of converting them to a client.

The right content

At the right time

Instead of simply selling a marketing story hopes of generating more sales, we approach our ideal customers with content that fits their needs. Depending on which phase in the customer journey your customer finds themselves, the content can highlight either the problem they are faced with or the solution that you can offer.

With the help of marketing optimization

In order to give prospects the right information at the right time, you need context about who your leads are, what they are interested in, and what challenges they face. Marketing automation uses all the information that is known about a lead to inform the automation strategy, with the goal of delivering the exact information a person needs to become a customer, at the exact time they need that information, in the exact place they’ll be looking for it.

Using a marketing automation tool

We love marketing automation tools that can be used to automate marketing workflows. They include features like the automation of your services, sales, and marketing activities; the organization of prospects’ and clients’ personal information within a central database, for targeted marketing and sales activities; automated lead nurturing flows and lead scoring; and the transformation of your sales process from flat sales to value-driven sales.

Ultimately, we use integrated data on your customers and leads to automate and inform your marketing and sales processes in order to attract visitors, convert them into leads, and delight them as loyal customers.

The benefits of marketing automation

The added value created by marketing automation is primarily the costs that are saved by working more efficiently. Besides the cost-saving, it is extremely handy to have a clear oversight from one single platform for all of your marketing activities. Do you want to know more about marketing automation or inbound marketing? Get in touch with us. Our specialists can't wait to tell you more!

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