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Pardot WordPress Plugin

Annoyed with Pardot's constraining form handler embeds? The Pardot Marketing WordPress plugin allows you to easily add styled forms to your site — and more.

Pardot's form handler embeds make it difficult to match your site's look and feel. That's where the Pardot Marketing WordPress comes in. Quickly add site-matching forms with custom validation rules using an Elementor widget. Say 'good-bye' to those annoying & ugly Form Handler embeds.

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Pardot Marketing WordPress Plugin

Customized Pardot form handlers made easy.

Freedom from limitations.

Pardot is a powerful marketing automation solution by Salesforce. It helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. With it's ability to add lead generating forms on your site — it's the go-to solution for many businesses.

Though it's a power-house, it does have it's limitations, specifically their form handlers. The ability to customize these forms to match the look and feel of your site is pretty limited. That's why we created the Pardot Marketing WordPress plugin.

Features include:

  • Control access with Pardot-specific user roles
  • View Pardot prospects from your WordPress dashboard
  • Customize form handlers to match the look of your site
  • Easily add forms via an Elementor widget
  • Provides real-time field validation
  • Create custom field validation rules
  • Easy-to-add pre-configured form fields
  • Create dynamic, pre-populated form fields
  • Customize success & error messages
  • Ability to integrate into any theme or plugin
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